December 6th

Date of the event

De Konick Antwerp City Brewery

Antwerp, Belgium

3 Photographers

3 Confereces

75 Places



What's the Photo Book Show

Business - Networking - Fun

The Photo Book Show has two main objectives: firstly to introduce products and solutions for professional photographers and secondly to have great professionals to share their experiences with other photographers.

In the last 5 years, the Photo Book Show has visited several cities and countries, including Spain, Portugal and Brazil, and is expected to arrive in France and the UK in the very near future. It is a multi-cultural meeting where photographers who come from various countries share their opinions, methods and solutions with the participants, which in addition to new ideas, can use to clarify doubts, propose topics for discussion and obtain new perspectives for the future.

Contact between photographers will be beneficial to everyone. One of the main goals is for everyone to leave the Photo Book Show with ideas that allow them to expand their business.

As a complement, you can visit and get to know features, quality finishes and a wide range of products. Albums, decorations, souvenirs, printing equipment, among many and varied solutions that will allow photographers to add value to their work.

Where have we been to?

Photo Book Show already happened in:

  • Porto (PT)
  • Lisboa (PT)
  • Funchal (PT)
  • Logroño (ES)
  • San Sebastian (ES)
  • Bilbao (ES)
  • Santander (ES)
  • Oviedo (ES)
  • Gijón (ES)
  • Santiago de Compostela (ES)
  • La Coruña (ES)
  • Barcelona (ES)
  • Vigo (ES)
  • São Paulo (BR)
  • Campinas (BR)
  • Rio de Janeiro (BR)
  • Recife (BR)
  • Belo Horizonte (BR)
  • Curitiba (BR)
  • Florianópolis (BR)


Meet the work of our speakers

PORTFOLIO Yves Schepers


PORTFOLIO Filipe Santos


Get to know the location of the event!

Stadsbrouwerij de Konick

Mechelsesteenweg 291


A Program where Business meets Fun, trought Networking.


To attend Photo Book Show

  • Conferences

  • Exhibition

  • Networking


Know wich offers you can receive by participating on the event

50€ Voucher

Decoration Expositor



(+351) 255539241

From Monday to Friday, from 10h to 13h30 and 14h30 to 19h30(BE)